News in brief / site revisions (1999)

For all the latest news about Dicken, his new band Rustic Cowboys - and the Mr Big and Broken Home CD re-issue programme.

[Rustic Cowboys] Rustic Cowboys Update! [December 1999] It looks as the Rustic Cowboys will include Paul Gibbons (keyboards) and Mick Clack (guitars). Rehearsals are taken place and recording will follow soon. Says Dicken: Paul was with me back in the early 80s when Mutt Lange was involved. He was also in the original Peculiar People and later in Tandori Cassette (around 1983). We've written and played together many times, he's an extremely talented guy and a pleasure to work with. Pictured right is Jeff's idea for the cover of the first Rustic Cowboys CD - tentatively called "The New Adventure". It's based on one of his paintings called "Holywoods".

Visit the new "70s Rock Music Oxford" website!
[December 1999] Read about the Mr Big and Broken Home CD re-issue programme and pre-order the CDs today! A forthcoming Dicken solo album and "Seppuku", the unreleased Mr Big LP from 1978 are also scheduled for release in year 2000. For more details:

[December 23, 1999] German, Belgium and Spanish Mr Big picture sleeve singles added. Revised the biography.

"Sweet Silence" - a new Japanese Mr Big website!
[November 1999] A new Mr Big website in Japanese language has just been launched, in co-operation with Oxford Rocks. Check it out at!

The "Life" album has been re-mastered!
[November 1999] Three of Dicken's solo songs, previously only available on a scarce 12" single ("Solid Gold", "The Beat Speaks" and "Magic of the Trees") were done at the same time and may be added to the "Life" re-issue.

[November 15, 1999] Added page about the 1981 Broken Home - "Life" album.

[October 24, 1999] Added "Zambia" and "Romeo" picture sleeve singles from Germany. Added more photos to 'Where Are They Now' section.

[October 11, 1999] Four stunning Mr Big singles from Japan added to the picture sleeve section!

[September 26, 1999] Added page about the 1983 "It's All Over" single, and added more records to the discography - including the 1983 "Oh Yeah" solo single. New photos added to 'Where Are They Now' section.

"Sweet Silence" also on CD!
[September 1999] It turns out EMI Japan also put out "Sweet Silence" in June 1998. It has got a new catalogue number, but is otherwise identical to the 1993 re-release.

Dicken update!
[September 1999] Dicken has demoed some very interesting material lately - and are having talks with record companies. A couple of songs (working titles "The Beat Of The Dancer" and "Danger On The Lips Of The World") were done with Eugene Dunkley (violin and vocals) - I am told they are very melodic and catchy. Potential singles!

"Mr Big" re-issued on CD!
[August 1999] I have just learned that in June 1998, EMI Japan re-issued "Mr Big" (the 1977 album). The CD is still available (I just got my copy!), but I don't know for how long, so you better act quick if you want it! Confusingly, this album was retitled "Photographic Smile" in Japan! More info!

New feature - Photo of the month!
[July 1999] Jeff has sent me more photos from his personal collection, and I will be adding these to the site on a regular basis, so do come back often! More info!

Mr Big 25th anniversary!
[July 1999] Mr Big's debut single was "Eee I'm Alright", in July 1974 - 25 years ago. Read the full story about Mr Big's Epic singles! More info!

New Broken Home album?
[April 1999] In addition to working with the Rustic Cowboys, Dicken would also like to record another Broken Home album and perhaps a solo Christian rock album - at least, it is a possibility.

Established the Oxford Rocks guestbook!
[October 1998] - where you can leave messages for the band, buy-sell-trade records and memorabilia, or just say hello! You will find links to the guestbook on the site map.

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