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- Photographic Smile -

"Photographic Smile" was Mr Big's only US release (1976, on Arista Records), combining tracks from the "Sweet Silence" and "Mr Big" albums.

album details:

Comments: musican credits are detailed on separate entries for the "Sweet Silence" (A) and "Mr Big" (B) albums.

Produced by: John Punter (A) and Val Garay (B).

Track listing: Photographic Smile (B) / Wonderful Creation (A) / Louisiana Street (B) / What Colour Is The Wind (B) / I Ain't Been A Man (A) / Sweet Silence (A) / Zambia (A) / Feel Like Calling Home (B) / Romeo (B) / Can We Live - Angel Of My Life (B) / Easy (B)

Note that the versions of "Wonderful Creation", "I Ain't Been A Man", "Sweet Silence" and "Zambia" were remixed for this album.

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