Mr Big Discography
- the Epic years (1974-1975) -

Mr Big released their debut single "Eee I'm All Right" b/w "I Ain't Been A Man" in July 1974. It was issued on Epic Records - but in a press release published a month earlier, Epic listed a song called "Genevieve" as the A-side, and this has puzzled discographers for years.

Comment from Dicken: The first song we actually recorded with Mr Big was a song called "Memory Lane", then a song called "Altogether" which we recorded for Red Bus. These tracks were also produced by Ellis Elias. This was in 1973. "Altogether" was pressed for release on the Red Bus Label, and release date was intended to be September 73, but it wasn't to be. Then after that we recorded "Genevieve" along with several other tracks, but felt it wasn't strong enough to be released as a single, so we recorded "Eee I'm All Right" to go with our new image as Pearly Kings.

Eee I'm All Right (1974)

Produced by: Ellis Elias

Tracks: Eee I'm All Right / I Ain't Been A Man

Comments: both songs written by Dicken. Mr Big re-recorded "I Ain't Been A Man" for their debut album. The other songs on these three Epic singles are not available elsewhere.

Christmas With Dicken (1974)

Produced by: Ellis Elias

Tracks: Christmas With Dicken / Time For A Laugh

Comments: both songs written by Dicken

Lucky Man (1975)

Produced by: Nicky Graham

Tracks: Lucky Man / Josephine

Comments: both songs written by Dicken

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