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[Love Affair 2006 line-up] [01 October 2006] Maurice Bacon re-joins Love Affair! Maurice Bacon has re-joined Love Affair and will be touring with them from October 2006. The line-up (in the photo left to right) is Mike Steed (bass), Mo Bacon (drums), Rufus Ruffell (guitar) and Martin Lyon (vocal). The following tour dates have been confirmed (with Dave Dulake helping out on keyboards):

OCTOBER: Friday 6 - Brackley, Northants UK
Saturday 7 - Leamington Spa UK
Saturday 14 - Great Yarmouth UK (with Suzi Quatro)
Saturday 21 - Merthyr Tydfil UK
Saturday 28 - Skegness UK
Tuesday 31- Skegness UK

NOVEMBER: Saturday 11 - Devon UK
Sunday 12 - Bognor Regis UK

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PHILIP GOODHAND TAIT - new album due out next year! Maurice Bacon is recording tracks for Philip Goodhand Tait's new LP which is due out next year. More details to follow.

[05 June 2006] John Cokell RIP (1943 - 2006). Sadly John Cokell, co-manager of the Love Affair, passed away last month. John was Decca Records' marketing director in 1967 when Sid Bacon asked him to join his management team. Cokell eventually left Decca to oversee the band's day-to-day affairs and worked with the band until Steve Ellis left in 1970, when he became Ellis' manager. John spent 27 years in the music business before he retired to Cornwall. A Memorial Service for John was held on 15 May 2006 and Philip Goodhand-Tait sent this report (printed with permission): "I went to the Memorial Service yesterday. Your flowers had arrived. There were many bunches of flowers laid alongside the path to the church and the Love Affair's bouquet was near the church so everyone could read your message. Thank you for sending "Everlasting love". They told John's life story at the church in Fowey and of course the Love Affair got honourable mentions. He made a lot of new friends there, had two more daughters with Cathy, and enjoyed sailing his boat. The "celebration of John's life" ended with the Love Affair's "Bringing on back the good times."

[13 March 2006] iTunes update! The following rare Love Affair tracks can now be downloaded from iTunes: Back Into Your Life Again / Woman Woman / Sweetness and Tenderness / Do You Dream / She Smiled Sweetly / Satisfaction Guaranteed / It's A Love Affair.

The following Love Affair related albums are also available for download: Igginbottom 'Igginbottoms Wrench', Morgan 'Nova Solis' and 'The Sleeper Wakes', Morgan Fisher 'Ivories', Tim Staffell 'Amigo'

[01 March 2006] Love Affair 1972/1973 biography updated! I have received emails from Bill Gibbard (bass) and John Cook (keyboards) who played alongside Bob England in the mk.8 line-up, and have updated the biography with their comments. More info!

MORGAN FISHER - "Neverless" - new CD out now! In 2005 Joachim Roedelius and Morgan Fisher collaborated on "Neverless" (Klanggalerie gg96), a CD album in a limited edition of 500 copies. Here's the press release: What could be a better title for our follow-up to Roedelius' 'Evermore' than 'Neverless'? Two avantgarde heroes have teamed up for a unique collaboration that was started by Hans-Joachim Roedelius in Austria and then processed by Morgan Fisher in Japan. Ambient soundscapes with an Asian touch, meditative, repetitive and very seductive. The CD is available from

[14 February 2006] JOUST update! Maurice Bacon reports that Joust will be on again this year as well (22/23/29/30 July 2006) - it is getting bigger each year! For more information:

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