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[28 December 2002] TIM STAFFELL - "Amigo" update - Part Two! Tim just posted the following on his website: "The album is nearly finished! Since I last updated this, We've put most of it together. Brian came and played THE Red Special on 'Earth',...Awesome! Snowy put some beautiful Gold Top on 'Just Couldn't Say', and 'Love of the People', Corrina played congas and percussion on, oh, almost everything, I think....a most excellent vibe. Then Dave O'Higgins played some mashin' tenor for us. I've re-done the vocals a few times, am really pleased with the whole thing. As I write this, a CD is on its way from Tokyo which contains Morgan's Keyboard Track for 'Earth'..I can't wait. Next thing is the backing vocals. Maybe before Christmas? Nah! Not very likely. I think now that we're looking at a completion date of around February...". Be sure to visit Tim's website to learn more about the new CD:

Updated Steve Ellis discography with an Australian pressing of the "Rag and Bone" single.

[23 December 2002] Lynton Guest worked with Alan Merrill (of Arrows-fame) in the mid-70s. More info!

[14 November 2002] TIM STAFFELL - "Amigo" update! It has been rumoured that Morgan Fisher, Brian May and Snowy White guest on the forthcoming Tim Staffell album "Amigo".

[Love Affair - mystery single] [11 November 2002] A 1969 single of unknown origin has surfaced, coupling "Bringing On Back The Good Times" and "Another Day". Catalogue number is CBS 2-577 - the single is pictured right, does anyone know country of origin? More info!

Updated the Gus Eadon page with more details about his work with Darryl Read. More info!

[25 October 2002] Morgan Fisher recently did a couple of solo shows in Tokyo - you will find a review in English here!

[23 October 2002] Added Norwegian "Wake Me I Am Dreaming" picture sleeve. Updated Tim Staffell biography with details of recent live appearances.

[15 October 2002] Updated the Phillip Goodhand-Tait discography with a Spanish picture sleeve single ("Five Flight Walk Up").

The Love Affair study published by Oldie Markt earlier this year is now available as a free download in pdf-format from the publishers. Note that you need to download the complete magazine(s) even if you only want to read the Love Affair article:
Download Part 1 | Download Part 2 | Download Part 3

Another Love Affair article was published in the July 2002 issue of the German Good Times magazine - this also included a Steve Ellis interview.

[Love Affair - Singles As and Bs] [28 September 2002] LOVE AFFAIR / STEVE ELLIS - "The Singles A's and B's" - new CD! UK based Acadia Records have compiled the A- and B-sides of all Love Affair singles (with Steve Ellis on vocals), plus Steve's first three solo singles (not counting "Loot") - on one CD! "Io Senza Te", the seldom heard Italian language version of "Rainbow Valley", has been added as well. More info!

Site news: Added more pictures to the photo gallery. Updated the Phillip Goodhand-Tait discography with a French picture sleeve single ("Five Flight Walk Up"). Added German "One Road" EP with pic sleeve. New discography page added: sampler albums with Love Affair songs.

[01 September 2002] Steve Ellis sings with The Clarks! In 1992, Steve Ellis flew to Holland to work with The Clarks and this collaboration is now available on CD (Steve sings a medley of three Love Affair songs). More info!

WIDOWMAKER - "Straight Faced Fighters" - new CD! Due to be released in October 2002 on Castle Records (Castle CMDDD586) is "Straight Faced Fighters", a 2CD Widowmaker collection that includes the full debut album, a 30 minute live concert, plus most songs from the second album as well! Full track listing: Such A Shame / Pin A Rose On Me / On The Road / Straight Faced Fighter / Ain't Telling You Nothing / When I Met You / Leave The Kids Alone / Shine A Light On Me / Running Free / Gotta Dream / Come On Up (Live) / Such A Shame (Live) / Too Late (Live) / El Doomo (Live) / Ain't Telling You Nothing (Live) / When I Met You (Live) / Too Late To Cry / The Hustler / Here Comes The Queen / Something I Can Do Without / Sign The Papers / Pushin And Pullin.

[24 July 2002] Added details of two unusual cover versions: 1) Ellis' "El Doomo" sung in Yugoslavian, and 2) Lynton Guest's "All Alone" sung in French!

[Steve Marriott Memorial Concert 2001] [11 July 2002] The STEVE MARRIOTT memorial concert CD - now available! Steve Ellis performs four of the 21 songs on "Mustn't Grumble", the official CD from the Steve Marriott memorial concert in 2001 (pictured right). More info!

[05 June 2002] Download new Rex Brayley songs! Over the last few years, Rex has recorded many songs with co-writer and vocalist Bob Goodman, and they have recently made two of these songs ("Fantasy" and "Fool For Your Love") available on, and others will follow shortly. Just key in 'Rex Brayley' and you will be able to listen to the songs. For more information about Rex Brayley's career after he left the Love Affair in 1971, click here!

[19 March 2002] Maurice Bacon is managing the Mediaeval Baebes, and he reports that they have a new album about to be released on EMI and are touring around the world. You can find more info on Adds Maurice: "I am also managing a new band called PRADOX and they are a 4 piece and have the most amazing 17 year old female singer/songwriter called Shirryn. They are playing around London and have just started recording some tracks. A bit like history repeating itself as my 17 year old son Danny is the drummer!"

Maurice is also promoting what is probably going to be the biggest Mediaeval Festival in the UK. More info!

[Do You Dream ACETATE [07 March 2002] Added complete sheet music for "Everlasting Love", "Rainbow Valley" and "One Road". I am still looking for more - please get in touch if you have any! Updated list of Love Affair cover versions.

Pictured right is the 1967 acetate of "Do You Dream" on Oak Records - from Morgan Fisher's recent auction. It has now found a new home in central Europe, I am told.

[05 March 2002] Updated the Phillip Goodhand-Tait discography with a Holland picture sleeve single ("Leon").

[03 March 2002] Peter Bardens is dead, 56 years old. As you will know, Peter replaced Morgan Fisher in Love Affair for a few weeks in 1967. At that time Peter was already a veteran on the music scene, having fronted both the Peter B's Looners which included Mick Fleetwood and Peter Green, and Shotgun Express which backed the likes of Beryl Marsden and Rod Stewart. After Love Affair, he went on to form Camel.

Site news: Added British "Everlasting Love" re-issue vinyl single from 1976 with picture sleeve, and a 1991 German edition of the bogus Love Affair album.

[28 February 2002] Sanctuary Records in England will be releasing Widowmaker's selftitled debut album from 1976 (w/Steve Ellis on lead vocals) later this year, complete with bonus tracks!

Oldie Markt update: issue 257 (February 2002) has Steve Ellis on the front cover! Click here to see the front cover.

[07 February 2002] The January 2002 edition of German record collector magazine Oldie Markt (issue 256) included the first part of a major Love Affair study, written by Manfred Schwanbeck. It is definitely a good read (albeit in German language) and subsequent issues will bring the story up to date, including separate articles on solo members. Each article is also accompanied by an illustrated discography. Contact for ordering inforation.

[06 February 2002] At the end of last year, Italian specialist label Black Widow Records released a limited vinyl-only edition of the 1973 Morgan album "Nova Solis" (Black Widow BWR 052). It has been licenced from Angel Air Records, so this looks to be an official release! My advice is to grab a copy while you can - there are only 600 copies available!

The CD version of the 2001 Steve Marriott Memorial Concert, featuring Steve Ellis on a number of tracks, has now been scheduled for release on 20 April 2002, on Sanctuary Records. No news about the DVD edition, though.

[04 February 2002] Rex Brayley recorded a programme for the BBC called Never Mind the Buzzcocks last month - this was shown by the BBC 2 tonight, and will be rebroadcast later. Rex was in an identity parade and the panel had to guess who was the original member of Love Affair. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

[Tim Staffell - Amigo] [13 January 2002] TIM STAFFELL - "Amigo" - new solo CD! Tim started recording his new album (backing tracks, bass, drums and guitars), around Christmas time, and will be adding to these the next two or three months. Included are new versions of 'Stray' and 'Country Life' from the Tailfeather days as well as 'Doin' Alright' and 'Earth' (Smile/Morgan) in addition to some new material. Tim hopes to add MP3 snippets on his new website as they become available, along with news updates and photos. The address of the site is (the CD cover is pictured right).

Other Staffell news: a Queen box-set scheduled for release at the end of 2002 will reportedly include an unreleased demo titled "Silver Salmon" which was recorded by Queen in the end of 1970. This was a Tim Staffell composition from the Smile's days!

[10 January 2002] Morgan Fisher has been having a spring cleaning in line with his ongoing policy of "keep moving forward into new pastures", and this year he has decided to make available for sale a number of his records with Mott and related bands, as well as his MOTT THE HOOPLE GOLD AND SILVER DISCS! All records will be autographed according to the buyers request. Shipping will be from Japan and (for the vinyl discs) will be added to the prices listed here. Note that Morgan has made the list available to fan websites first, so why not use this opportunity to add exclusive material to your collection! Click here to download the list - mail me your orders or enquieries and I will pass them on to Morgan.

[5 January 2002] Added an illustrated Lynton Guest discography. Updated August Eadon discography with news of his collaboration with Darryl Read. Added Italian "Everlasting Love" re-issue vinyl single from 1999!

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