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  • [17 December 2001] Highlights from the Steve Marriott Memorial Concert in London earlier this year is scheduled for release as a single CD in April 2002. This will be followed at a later date by a boxed set that will include the whole three hour concert with a book and interviews with the participants. A video or DVD is still possible but may not see release until 2003. At the time of writing it looks like the single CD will include the following songs with Steve Ellis on lead vocals: Song Of A Baker, Afterglow, My Way Of Giving, Tin Soldier, All Or Nothing. More details to follow!

  • [10 December 2001] Added two Australian "Everlasting Love" cover versions

  • [24 October 2001] Added more "Everlasting Love" cover versions, plus yet another "Everlasting Love" re-issue single from Germany (with "Yellow River" by Christie on the B-side). Added details about Swizz rockers The Foolhouse's 1993 cover version of the Widowmaker 'classic' "Pin A Rose On Me" (co-written by Steve Ellis). More info!

  • [LOVE AFFAIR - The Best Of The Good Times [17 October 2001] THE LOVE AFFAIR - "The Best Of The Good Times" - new compilation CD! Sony/Columbia have just released "The Best Of The Good Times" (Columbia 504419-2) - a 19-track Love Affair compilation with three newly recorded Steve Ellis songs! More info!

  • [15 October 2001] Added "One Road" EP from Singapore with pic sleeve.

  • [18 September 2001] Angel Air will release "Edinburgh Live '95" by Love Affair feat. Steve Ellis on 19 November 2001. At first sight this looks to be a straight re-issue of the "Live At Cavendish" set from a few years ago - but the Angel Air release omits the studio tracks in favour of the the complete concert! More info!

  • [29 August 2001] added illustrated discography of Morgan (the group).

  • [16 August 2001] new Tim Staffell solo album! Tim (of Morgan-fame) is busy recording tracks for a forthcoming solo album, and helping him out in the studio is Andrew Staffell (drums, programming), Richard Lightman (guitar, bass, production - he used to play with Staffell in Tailfeather), John Webster (guitar), Chris Smith (guitar - he was part of Smile for a while) and Peter Hammerton (guitar). New versions of "Earth" (previously recorded by Smile and Morgan) and "Doin' Alright" (recorded by Smile and Queen) will be included on the new album, as yet untitled.

    Lynton Guest interview! Lynton discusses his career, past and present in this exclusive interview.

  • [15 August 2001] Steve Ellis discography finally completed (includes his bands Ellis and Widowmaker)! Added more Love Affair cover versions as well.

  • [STEVE ELLIS - Loot] [20 July 2001] STEVE ELLIS - "Loot" soundtrack now available on CD! This $100-rated soundtrack album from 1970 has finally been re-released on CD, courtesy RPM Records (RPM RPM228), a Cherry Red subsidiary. Steve Ellis sings most of the songs on the album, which was his first release after leaving the Love Affair. More info!

  • [27 June 2001] added sheet music for "Rainbow Valley".

  • [11 June 2001] added Italian "A Day Without Love" pic sleeve single, plus a 1968 Cashbox promo ad for same.

  • [11 May 2001] updated the Phillip Goodhand-Tait discography with a German picture sleeve single ("He'll Have To Go").

  • [30 April 2001] added Holland picture sleeve singles for "Rainbow Valley" and "Bringing On Back The Good Times".

  • [27 April 2001] Steve Ellis was one of many highlights at last weeks Steve Mariott Memorial Concert in London (20 April 2001). Click here for concert review!

  • [23 April 2001] added German "Everlasting Love" picture sleeve single (1972 re-issue) and a sheet with autographs from 1971.

  • [26 March 2001] added Danish "She Smiled Sweetly" picture sleeve single. Quite possibly the rarest of all Love Affair picture sleeve singles!

  • [05 March 2001] added German "Rainbow Valley" picture sleeve single and details of a second LP by (another American) Love Affair. Also added a second Michael Jackson interview from 'This Is Bradford & District' online magazine.

  • [22 February 2001] updated the Phillip Goodhand-Tait discography with details of his own version of "Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday" from 1967! Also added a couple Goodhand-Tait picture sleeve singles.

  • [19 February 2001] added Polish "Build On Love" EP from 1969 (filed under "Rainbow Valley") and more Love Affair 'cover versions'. Steve Ellis ad for "Evie" single and "Everlasting Love" sheet music added to images section.

  • [MORGAN FISHER - Ivories] [08 February 2001] MORGAN FISHER - "Ivories" - first time on CD! Angel Air released Morgan's first solo album on 05 February 2001. "Ivories" (Angel Air SJPCD072) was recorded in 1972 at RCA in Rome at the same time as the "Nova Solis" album (by Morgan, the group). At the time, the producers thought it too avant-garde and so the album was not released until 1984. This is its first outing on CD, and it comes with an informative 12-page booklet with Morgan's own sleeve notes.

    STEVE ELLIS - "The Last Angry Man" now available on CD! This previously unreleased album from 1978 was also issued in February 2001 (Angel Air SJPCD077) with the following bonus tracks recorded in 1983: "El Doomo", "Shark Shoes", "I Lost My Feelings", "She's Leaving", "War Train", "Hold On", "Warm Love". More info!

  • [01 February 2001] Added Holland "Everlasting Love" picture sleeve single (1972 re-issue), and a 1999 Michael Jackson interview from 'This Is Bradford & District' where he discussed the (then) forthcoming "Every Now And Then" album.

  • [LOVE AFFAIR - Greatest Hits 2CD] [30 January 2001] Added more details about the German 2CD Love Affair compilation "Greatest Hits" (Rock-In-Beat RB 086). CD1 contains the "Everlasting Love Affair" album, plus 6 bonus tracks - CD2 has the "New Day" album, plus 8 bonus tracks. Nothing rare on offer here - the bonus tracks are all single B-sides, but it is first time on CD for most of them. Currently available as a 'promo only' release, but this release has 'bootleg' stamped all over it! More info here!

  • [16 January 2001] Added a guestbook, and the lyrics to "Everlasting Love" (due to popular demand!). You will find links to both in the left column. I have also added a page about other artists who has recorded Love Affair songs, or who recorded the original version. More info.

    Are you looking for information about Maurice Bacon's Ultimate Records? Try this link! Not sure how long this address will work though, since the label is no longer in operation, Maurice tells me. He has now re-launched Strike Back Records, and they will release a new album with Senser soon. Maurice is also managing the Mediaeval Baebes - be sure to check them out!

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