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One of the rarest Mott related records of all time is "Igginbottom's Wrench", a 1969 LP by a band named 'Igginbottom that was produced by M.J.M. Productions (aka Morgan Fisher, Mick Jackson and Maurice Bacon from the Love Affair). A mint copy of this album is valued at 100 in the 1999 'Record Collector price guide'!

In this exclusive, Mick Jackson discusses this LP, as well as his post-Love Affair band, Calvary, which he formed with one of the guitar players from Igginbottom. Calvary recorded tracks for EMI that were never released.

The 'Igginbottom album was re-issued on CD by Angel Air in April 2000. It was remastered from the original master tapes and Fisher, Bacon and Jackson were all interviewed for the CD-booklet. Order your copy directly from Angel Air Records!

Igginbottom's Wrench - the album:

  • 1969 vinyl editions:
    - Deram Records, England (Deram SML 1051) [stereo]
    - Deram Records, England (Deram DML 1051) [mono]

  • Compact disc re-issues:
    - Deram Records in Japan in 1988 (Deram K32Y 2190)
    - Si-Wan Records in Korea in 1999 (Si-Wan SRMC 0082)
    - Angel Air Records in England in 2000 (Angel Air SJPCD 064)
[Igginbottom's Wrench - 1969 LP] track listing:

The Castle
Out Of Confusion
The Witch
Sweet Dry Biscuits
California Dreamin'
Golden Lakes
Not So Sweet Dreams
Is She Just A Dream
Blind Girls
The Donkey

Igginbottom - the band:

from left:
Steven Robinson - guitar
Allan Holdsworth - guitar, vocals
Dave Freeman - drums
Mick Skelly - bass
Mick Jackson: Mo Bacon and myself formed a management company back in the late sixties along with Ronnie Scott and his business partner Peter King, the company was called "Mimo" and was the managing agency for "Igginbottom". The "Igginbottom's Wrench" album was produced by Mo, Morgan and myself and track two is a poem written by myself set to "Igginbottom's" music. The sleeve notes of their album were written by Ronnie Scott and myself. Ronnie Scott as you are probably aware is sadly now deceased but was one of the great modern jazz saxophonists and owner and founder of Ronnie Scott's Club in London.

Calvary - the band:

Mick Jackson: When I split from LA I formed another band called "Calvary" with myself on bass and vocals, a guy called Howard on drums and Steve Robinson on vocal and lead guitar. Steve Robinson was the co-soloist guitar player in "Igginbottom" in which Allan Holdsworth was the other guitar soloist. Steve and I wrote all the material. We produced a number of recordings (unreleased) for EMI records. EMI records wanted to sign "Calvary" but a condition was that we change the bands name to Love Affair with myself as "the face". We declined. The EMI recordings by "Calvary" which were written by myself with again myself doing the vocals were called "A Better Way", "High Time" and "Deidre". Maybe something will be done with them someday?

Two years later Peter Frampton asked me to join him in America to set up [Peter Frampton's] Camel, we were friends from the late sixties. I decided to pursue my career in business instead. I don't know what has happened to Steve or Howard but as mentioned previously Allan Holdsworth has gone onto become a world class virtuoso and has put out several jazz rock albums. My own particular favourite is one entitled "Metal Fatigue".

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