Ellen Foley discography:

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Rock Ballads Volume 4" (1991 Holland CD)
[Holland CD] Includes Ellen Foley's "We Belong To The Night"

Ellen Foley songs are often included on VARIOUS ARTISTS compilations, especially in Europe and Holland in particular. The 1991 CD "Rock Ballads Volume 4" also depicts Ellen on the cover.

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Media Title Catalogue # Year Country Comments
CD Rock Ballads Vol 4  Arcade 01 5192 61  1991 Holland also includes Meat Loaf 

ANITA HEGERLAND - "All The Way" (1983 Norway LP)
[Anita Hegerland - All The Way - Norway LP] Includes Anita's version of "What's A Matter Baby"

Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland covered "What's A Matter Baby" for her 1983 album "All The Way". Her version is very similar to Ellen's version, so this probably qualifies as an Ellen Foley cover version!
TRIVIA ALERT! A few years later Anita married Mike Oldfield and she can be heard on his albums "Islands" and "Earth Moving".

Media Title Catalogue # Year Country Comments
LP All The Way  CBS 25599 1983 Norway never issued on CD 

KIKI DEE - "How Glad I Am"
[KIKI DEE - How Glad I Am - Germany] Kiki Dee has recorded two versions of "How Glad I Am"

Kiki Dee first recorded "(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am" in 1964 for the UK market. Although her original version was unsuccessful, she re-recorded the song in 1975 as a bluesy up-tempo rocker more simply titled "How Glad I Am". Credited to the Kiki Dee Band, and produced by Gus Dudgeon it was released as the follow-up single to their hit "I've Got the Music in Me", and it reached #33 in the UK and #74 in the US. The 1975 version was also a Top 20 hit in Holland and Belgium.

Kiki Dee's 1964 version has since been included on several compilations, the latest being "I'M Kiki Dee - The Fontana Years 1963-1968" released by RPM in 2011. The Kiki Dee Band version from 1975 was one of four bonus tracks added to EMI's 2008 re-issue of their 1974 album "I've Got the Music In Me". The German 1975 picture sleeve single is pictured left (Rocket 13932 AT).

Media Side A Side B Catalogue # Year Country Comments
7" (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am  Baby I Don't Care  Fontana - TF 490 1964 UK
7" How Glad I Am Peter Rocket PIG-16A 1975 UK
7" How Glad I Am Peter Rocket MCA-40401  1975 USA
CD I've Got the Music In Me EMI 363 1182 2008 UK includes the 1975 version
CD I'M Kiki Dee - The Fontana Years 1963-1968 RPM RETRO986 2011 UK includes the 1964 version
RACHEL SWEET - "Fool Around" (1979 USA LP)
[Rachel Sweet - Fool Around - US LP] Includes Rachel's version of "Sad Song"

Songs: B-A-B-Y / I Go To Pieces / Who Does Lisa Like? / Wildwood Saloon / Stay Awhile / Suspended Animation / Sad Song / It's So Different Here / Cuckoo Clock / Pin A Medal On Mary / Stranger In The House

Rachel Sweet's version of "Sad Song" was only available on the US edition of her debut album "Fool Around", issued in 1979 (the UK version was released in 1978 with a different cover). The song has since been made available on several CD compilations, including "B.A.B.Y. - The Best Of Rachel Sweet" (UK) and "Fool Around: The Best Of Rachel Sweet" (USA). When Stiff Records in England re-issued the "Fool Around" album in 2007, "Sad Song" was one of three bonus tracks.

Media Title Catalogue # Year Country Comments
LP Fool Around Stiff Columbia BL 36101  1979 USA original US LP
CD Fool Around - The Best Of Rachel Sweet  Rhino R2 70313 1992 US includes "Sad Song"
CD B.A.B.Y. - The Best Of Rachel Sweet Metro METROCD048 2001 UK includes "Sad Song"
CD Fool Around Stiff Records CDSEEZ12 2007 UK UK 1978 album re-issued with "Sad Song"
[Mark Middler - Sad Song - UK] "Sad Song" recorded by the writer

Canadian singer/songwriter Mark Middler co-wrote and recorded "Sad Song" with Peter Mason, and their original version of the song was released in 1978, credited to Mark Middler.

Media Side A Side B Catalogue # Year Country Comments
7" Sad Song  Shelly  Warner Brothers K17230  1978 UK with picture sleeve
7" Sad Song (stereo) Sad Song (mono) Atlantic 3533  1978 US promotional copy