Maaike Vos - "We Belong To The Night" (2010)
[Maaike] Maaike Vos performed "We Belong To The Night" in the Dutch X Factor finale

Maaike Vos was the runner-up of the 2010 season of the Dutch X Factor, performing "We Belong To The Night" in the finale. She got a record contract with Sony Records and has started recording her debut album. "We Belong To The Night" was released as the first (digital only) single in June 2010, followed by a cover of Sam Brown's "Stop" in November. They are both available from iTunes and other online vendors.

  "We Belong To The Night" (X Factor finale)
Blue Velvet - "My Shuttered Palace" (2006)
[Maaike] Blue Velvet recorded "My Shuttered Palace" in 2006

BLUE VELVET is a 'hipster' homage to the 1960's 'lounge/supper club' acts doing songs from Sinatra and Tony Bennett to The Carpenters and ABBA, formed by Kevin Cavanaugh. Their 2006 CD "Rock 'n Roll Martinis", subtitled 'The Best of Kevin Cavanaugh & BLUE VELVET' is a collection of both new and some previously released Blue Velvet songs from 1999 to 2006. 20 Hits of unreleased, demos and songs by Kevin Cavanaugh, Thomas Diethert, Chris Schneider, Burt Bacharach, Morrissey, plus "My Shuttered Palace"!

  Blue Velvet "My Shuttered Palace" promo video
Spark - "Don't Let Go" (2004)
[Spark] Belgian duo Spark recorded "Don't Let Go" in 2004

Gunter Van Campenhout and Claudia Decaluwe from Spark were big fans of Ellen Foley and they recorded "Don't Let Go" with producer David Poltrock in MMStudio in Geraardsbergen, Belgium for their second album in 2004. They planned to release "Don't Let Go" as a single in January 2005 and promo copies were distributed to major belgium radio stations in December 2004.

Sadly the album was never completed, so "Don't Let Go" was never officially released, but Spark kindly sent me a review copy of the single back in 2005. It is a beautiful version, similar to Ellen's original.
Wendy Van Wanten - "We Belong To The Night" (1995)
[Spark] Belgian artist Wendy Van Wanten recorded "We Belong To The Night" in 1995

Wendy Van Wanten recorded "We Belong To The Night" with new lyrics ("Rij Met Mij Door De Nacht") written by Jo De Clercq. I think the new title translates to 'stay with me through the night'. Anyone?

The song was first included on Wendy Van Wanten's 1995 CD "Blijf Nog 1 Nacht" (CNR 2101763) and then on her "Best Of" compilation from 1999 (CNR 2102658).