about the Ellen Foley webzine

Thank you for visiting the Ellen Foley Webzine! The site is run by myself and has no official connection with Ellen Foley, or with any record company or management company. The main purpose of this site is to maintain an archive of historical information about Ellen Foley and her professional career. For up-to-date tour information etc, please check Ellen's official Facebook page.

The website was officially launched in April 2011, but I have been working on it, on and off since 1995. I have been a fan of Ellen Foley ever since she told Meat Loaf to 'stop right there' in 1978. Over the years I made contact with other Foley fans and collectors and we exchanged information and swopped records, magazine articles, live tapes and videos. When I stumbled across the 'Ellen Foley Fan Pages' on the internet in 1995, I volunteered to contribute a discography and a biography.

The Ellen Foley Fan Pages was set up by Australian fan Foley U. Matthews (aka Paul Tybislawski). He told me at the time that: "I was upset to find so little (Foley) info available, some has even disappeared from the Internet over the past 12 months as people trim their databases. So I started collecting all the info I could from the net and it was about this time that I discovered how easy it is to create web pages, with the help of my local ISP (Internet Service Provider) and some other local subscribers. So I currently have 0.5MByte of space with my ISP, 1MByte free space with an overseas ISP (winding up soon), this to be replaced by a 6 month free 1MByte from my local ISP again. Access to a 486 computer and access to friends/acquaintances who have video grabber and flatbed colour scanner respectively, and finally a little too much time on my hands. I expect to maintain the "EF Fan Pages" for the foreseeable future with 1.25MBytes of compressed large pictures and 0.25MByte of info and tiny pics as illustrations". I have included Foley Matthews' text unaltered, although I think he must have replaced his 486 computer by now!

Having completed the biography and discography for his website I planned to publish them in printed form as well. I had previously issued fanzines dedicated to Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson and Mott The Hoople, and knew there was a market for a 'Foleyzine'. I completed a 40 page draft in 1996 which I sent to Ellen, and she kindly gave me permission to publish it. I worked on it for another year, but eventually put it on hold when an increase in printing and postage costs made it impossible to ship airmail copies and still charge only $10 which was the current market price for fanzines at the time. A very special thank you to the handful Foley fans who prepaid for the 'Foleyzine' back then - this website is dedicated to you!

I next scanned all my Ellen Foley magazine articles and fan club material and published them on my free foleyzine.tripod.com account, this must have been around year 2000. Then I didn't do much for the next 5 or 6 years, but when Ellen made her (rock n roll) comeback in 2007, I decided to finish what I started, and thus 'the Ellen Foley webzine' was born. It took me a couple years to get it all together, but I am pleased with the final result, and I hope you will be too!

I welcome your comments, corrections and additions to the website, and I am always open for trades! Contact me at


I have included several YouTube links on this website, identified by the icon pictured above. Be sure to download these clips when they are around. The links worked when they were first published here, but they will not be around forever! For me, the 'video download' option in Real Player works fine.

I have only included links to 'proper' videos such as movie clips, promo music videos, concerts, TV appearances etc. Not the homemade type with pictures set to music. Please let me know if a YouTube clip will not play anymore so I can remove the link. I am also interested to learn about new Ellen Foley related videos.