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Welcome to our genealogy page. Back in 2006 we bought a copy of Family Tree Maker and started with our family tree. We have now more than 5400 people in the tree, and still many is missing. It is not our relatives all, but some is related to our relatives.

  • Castle Garden
    Søk etter personer som gikk i land i USA via Castle Garden

  • Endre and Martin Egeland
    Two Norwegian fortune hunter. Article in Stavanger Aftenblad Oktober 30 2009

  • Name index
    In this file you will find all the names we have in our database. If you find some person you want to see the family tree to, please send me a mail and ask for a copy.

  • Arnstein Egeland’s Family Tree
    This is the start of my family tree. Click on the name and open the extended tree in pdf format. If you want to see more name you must send me a mail.

Anfinn Egeland

Arne Egeland

Bertine Nilsine Mærland

Arnstein Egeland

Tore Hetland

Anny Elfrida Hetland

Gjertrud Steinsland

Endre Endreson Egeland

Guri Sofie Åreskjold

Børe Jakobsen Mærland

Jorunn Serine Madland

Nils Konrad Hetland

Elen Torsdtr. Håland

Olaf Steinsland

Agnete Eriksdtr. Sandal

  • Nils Åsmundson Tvedt (Tveito)
    Family tree with Nils Åsmundson Tvedt from Røldal in Norway as a starting point. This tree include Osmund Tvedt (he change his name to Osmund Tweed)
    who Immigrate to Montour town, Tama, Iowa, USA in 1887, and Nils Nilson Tvedt (he change his name to Nils Tvedt)  who also went to Montour, Tama, Iowa, USA.

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