Billy Francis 


'Billy has known Ray since the 60ties.Just after he had won a talent competition he met Ray ending up playing keybord together with Ray and George with a band called Chocolade Paper, later Dr.Hook and the Medecine show which later shortnamed Dr.Hook and now with Dr.Hook featuring Ray Sawyer.

 Billy also had lead vocal of some Hook songs as Get my rocks off, I wanne make the women tremble, he is also behind as an angry man on Wups from Bankrupt, if you are so lucky to see the band live now you will see him perform I got stoned and I missed it, and he is really good.

In 1985 Billy made a demo, contains many great songs amoung there is a song called Alabama rock and roll, Billy told me that Ray also sang that song its a great song. If you want to reach Billy he has a web site out on the net check my links.

Billy was also the dancer in the band, when Ray played  the Jodle song Billy went out to the scene and made a great dance performing.  


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